Rounders, wood, Made in France and ecology: Cardineau, at the heart of furniture trends 2021

The pandemic and the months of confinement have changed both the apprehension and the vision of the French people of their interior. From now on, we work there as much as we live there.

Comfort, warmth, ethics and ecology are the key words of the coming year.

No more corners, hello, rounders

The first thing to do to design a soft and warm interior is to include soft shapes, such as rounded corners. They are indeed much more enveloping and welcoming than straight and angular shapes, which are more aggressive.

Moulded plywood has the ability to create, in the finest wood species, shapes that are totally impossible to achieve in raw wood, making it an exceptional material for design and creation.

Cardineau manufactures high quality moulded plywood parts :

  • Backrests, seats and legs in curved plywood
  • Wood-raw or to be garnished
  • Possibility of large sizes (up to 3m x 1.20m), "U" shapes, "S" shapes.

Natural materials and raw finishes

Another strong current is the return to nature and to sources.

If questions related to the origin and the conditions of production of furniture have always been central to the assessment of quality, they are all the more so in these troubled times. The aspects of proximity and local consumption now seem to be imposing themselves radically.

Wood and its by-products are the good fortune of our planet. It will make it possible to replace most of the materials produced today with high CO2 emissions: plastic, cement, concrete, steel...

Finally, wood remains a safe value to be used for furniture, lighting and other decorative objects.

A style that has the advantage of combining aesthetics and ecology!

Slow design

Slow design is a movement that appeared at the beginning of the 2000s and is reflected in the desire to favour productions that are more respectful of man and nature. Furniture and decorative objects that are less resource-intensive and contribute more to sustainable development.

All Cardineau products are PEFC certified, guaranteeing the traceability of the wood used, which comes from sustainably managed forests. A greener, more social and more local production method, a virtuous circle in short.

At Cardineau, our raw materials are 100% recovered, allowing us to guarantee waste-free management. The Vendée plant recycles all the wood scraps that find their way into the plant's boiler.

Cardineau has chosen to perpetuate the expertise of its teams, handed down from generation to generation, while training them in the innovations of mechanical engineering, with products that are always finished by hand.

As you will have understood, beyond the aesthetic dimension, design in 2021 is ethical and responsible. At the dawn of the year 2021, the decorative sphere assumes its desires for rusticity and affirms its convictions of a new, local and sustainable craft tradition.