The kick wall: an investment to think about

As an outstanding safety accessory, the kick wall must meet numerous normative, aesthetic and economic requirements.

Why choose wood for your kick wall?

Wood is a reference matter of French luxury. Reliable, aesthetic, it is an art material as much as a useful element for your riding arena layout.

Wood enhances each space, it is a living material that has always been appreciated for its nobility.

Wooden kick walls convey a welcoming atmosphere to riding arenas and it is a real added value. The species we used to make them (okoumé and poplar) are exceptionally resistant.



The curved design of wooden kick wall eliminates sharp edges that could put riders and their mounts at risk. In addition, the bulging of the lower part keeps the horse away from the wall, and allows the rider not to hit the wall directly.


Curved kick wall will give an inimitable touch to your riding arena.

We provide all the necessary accessories for doors junctions in order to ensure a flawless finish.

Suspended kick wall helps to preserve the lower part from soil moisture and also and makes it easy to use servicing tools.

If you still hesitate to choose it, do you know that wood finish will improve with the years?

It is a living matter and passing time will make it even more unique.

Easy installation

Laying is quite simple ! Simply attach the kick wall to the crossties around the riding arena with screws.


As a riding arena is equipped with a watering system, we have ensured that our kick walls are water resistant.

Flexibility and responsiveness of an SME

Our will is to stay a human-scale company in order to better meet your needs, guide you in your choice and provide you with technical expertise support.

CARDINEAU experts team advises and accompanies you, from design office to plans conception. The technical expertise of the production teams and their unparalleled knowledge of molded plywood ensure the success of the most complex projects.

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