Cardineau innovation : a learned mixture of craft and high technology


Cardineau’s aim has always been to develop a unique know-how, serving its customers and products by participating into the societal and environmental way contributors practice their profession.

Tradition and moderity

To safeguard its know-how and jobs, and allow to register its factory in the poles of excellence able to support the international competition, Cardinal capitalizes on an artisanal work approach associated with the last technological tools.

Combining tradition and modernity allows Cardineau to perpetuate its teams’ expertise in the manufacture of their products while training them in the innovations of mechanical engineering.

The company provides its various organizations with a know-how whose skills are transmitted within the factory.

It is with care and application that every product is manufactured ; real experts are making the singularity of Cardineau productions.

All the intermediate and finishing gestures are handmade by the teams of the vendéan company, perpetuating the craft tradition and sense of movement for and exceptional rendering of its products.

At Cardineau, quality control is a fundamental element to guarantee performance, to position itself favorably and to increase the interest of its customers in the products and services that the company offers.

French excellence

Responding to the highest requirements, working in partnership with its employees - always a force of proposal - and its suppliers, Cardineau encompasses the entire organization, procedures and means to implement the management of the French excellence.

The know-how and gesture associated to a great ability to listen and analyze are the keys to Cardineau's success.

Although Cardineau embraces the industry of the future with energy and passion, it thinks that no robot will replace the human eye for a finishing job.