Molded plywood, combining it with motorhome builders

The requirements of the motorhome market are similar to those of the boating industry; the client considers the caravan or the motorhome as his second home, which is why it is important to offer a warm and innovative interior decoration to find optimal comfort.

The interior molded plywood allows to create a unique atmosphere combining elegance and technical and economic constraints of the recreational vehicle.

The eternal choice of wood

At a time when motorhomes are better and better equipped, the question of the weight of the camper becomes critical. Manufacturers do not hesitate to change their specifications and adopt more efficient materials in terms of weight / strength.

The builders as a whole have retained their loyalty to wood. Certainly, since a long time, it is not any more question of solid wood and even less of exotic essences. However, plywood, made from cultured, light and cheap wood, remains for most manufacturers, the material used for the construction of the furniture or the interior cladding of the panels. And today, this same wood is used in composite structures quite complex and differentiated according to the parts of the development.

Thus, the type of panel is ideal for building furniture or for covering walls in a recreational vehicle. Indeed its composition allows to benefit from a good thermal and acoustic insulation. In addition it is both thin and light and allows easy assembly without losing space.

Plywood furniture is lighter

The furniture plays a strategic role in the overall design of the vehicle. A partition wall, a shelf, a platform or a "load-probearing wall" are not subjected to the same mechanical stresses. They are not built in the same way.

Builders use lighter woods such as poplar; they also change the structure of the furniture by minimizing the thickness of interior partitions and doors.

The motorhome is a luxury, a high-end product that requires real comfort, refinement, aesthetics, essential qualities that Cardineau offers pieces of poplar curved plywood : several plywood panels of several species and as a wide choice of laminate coating for optimum protection against heat and blows.