Cardineau, a member of the Alista Ouest network


The Alista Ouest network brings together wood experts from the Grand Ouest region

Alista was created in Nantes in 2001 by 8 passionate, daring entrepreneurs and furniture subcontractors ready to take on challenges and promote their high-quality expertise in the furniture market.

17 years later, Alista is a network of 15 complementary experts in Grand Ouest, united around traditional expertise, committed to innovation and open to a wide variety of markets (sailing, rail, transportation, building, interior design, housing, decorative and leisure items, connected objects, etc.).

The network aims to put a focus on geographic proximity and local raw materials by promoting "Made in France", and more specifically "Made in Ouest". It is committed to social and environmental solidarity: saving our jobs and supporting businesses while protecting our planet.

The network's member companies are recognized and chosen for their mastery of their trades and the technical and aesthetic quality of their products, as well as for their complementarity and their desire to work in synergy with all of the other members. The aim is to form a network of expertise for interior design industry players in order to better meet their needs.

The integration of light, new technologies or new functionalities in their product and service offerings demonstrates the Network's ability to continually adapt to their customers' emerging needs (e.g. Wood development in connected objects).

Alista Ouest brings together industrial SMEs with complementary expertise and materials:

  • Wood and wood derivatives (solid, curved, bent, moulded, plywood, glulam, laths, 3-ply, chipboard, MDF, veneered panel, melamine board, veneer, etc.),
  • Metals (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, cast aluminium, brass, other alloys),
  • Plastics and composites (thermoplastics, PVC, compact panels, etc.),
  • Flexible materials (foam, leather, textiles, coated textiles, etc.),
  • Glass, stone, synthetic materials...


Cardineau, a member from the very start

Cardineau has been a member of Alista Ouest for around 15 years.

Alista and Cardineau share an activity, but even more so, a set of values: humanity, expertise, passion, professionalism and the environment.
The desire to take on new challenges has made it possible for the members of Alista, including Cardineau, to complement their technological performance with an individual approach focused on both aesthetics (the design process) and the environment (use of PEFC and FSC wood, etc.).

The network's members meet four times per year, and take part in a common tradeshow: the Midest, the industrial subcontracting expertise show, which is held each year.

Midest opened its doors yesterday. Discover the iterview of Alusta's president Mr Yan Lenevé.

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